Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nora & Mara ...or... Mara & Nora

I will let you identify them....hard for some , ...piece of cake for the rest...
DSC_3086a copyDSC_3107 copy   DSC_2996 copyDSC_3012t copyDSC_2985jhg copyDSC_2959 copy Nora&Mara-blog-009Nora&Mara-blog-005DSC_2875 copyDSC_3141 copy DSC_2867 copyDSC_3129 copy    DSC_2913 copy DSC_2973 copy DSC_3071 copyDSC_3154 copyDSC_3081 copy          DSC_3070 copyDSC_2960 copyDSC_3049a copy  DSC_3035kl copy DSC_2960a copy_01 DSC_2989 copy