Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dana & Florin

And finally came their wedding day.....and they had a wonderful one least from my point of view....:)
they look so much in love....but I guess I don't have to tell you this, cause you'll see it in every photo they have together.
Their wedding had two was on Friday....when they signed the papers...and sealed the process with a kiss... Dana&Florin-wedd_016
After that was time to go to church:Dana&Florin-wedd_002
and now let's dream for a while while you are looking at the beautiful location where the wedding took place:
but let's meet them:
Dana&Florin-wedd_001 Dana&Florin-wedd_004 Dana&Florin-wedd_008
and some photos from the lake:
 Dana&Florin-wedd_010 Dana&Florin-wedd_009Dana&Florin-wedd_012
and at least something from the party....I'll start with the delicious part:
Dana&Florin-wedd_003 Dana&Florin-wedd_005 Dana&Florin-wedd_006
so I hope everybody had byeeeee