Friday, July 30, 2010

Double R :)

After walking in the sun, trying hard to find some shadow ...we finally found some spots, and succeed in capturing what I was looking for. ...their inner soul...
You'll see a lot of photos...cause we had a pretty long session...
DVM_3873 copy DVM_3860 copy
DVM_3807 copy DVM_3819 copy DVM_3920 copy 
 DVM_3577 copy DVM_3941 copy DVM_4066 copy DVM_3958 copy DVM_4212 copy DVM_4365 copy DVM_4224 copy DVM_3855 copyDVM_3915 copy
and something from the back:
DVM_3844 copy
Another little girl set down next to them, hoping to be in one I took one...
DVM_4177 copy DVM_4069 copy 
Father and son
DVM_4305 copy
and also with the daughter:
DVM_4295 copy
and now the mother with both of them:
DVM_4401 copy
and the 4 of them:
DVM_4431 copy
or 5 ...cause somebody else was running into their family portrait :)
DVM_4390 copy
and let's meet also the parents
DVM_4467 copy DVM_4263 copy