Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eyes and colors

Today I had as a model a very sweet little girl, which really loves to be in front of a camera, she was looking forward to be a maybe who knows , you'll see her one day as in some famous magazines :)
But let's start with something funny......cause I liked what she was wearing :)
DVM_9250 copyDVM_9279 copy DVM_9645 copyDVM_9636 copyDVM_9635 copyDVM_9248 copy    DVM_9570_006 copy DVM_9499_004 copyDVM_9500_005 copyDVM_9503_007 copy DVM_9265 copy  DVM_9507 copyDVM_9452 copyDVM_9664 copy DVM_9467_003 copy  DVM_9629 copyDVM_9495_008 copyDVM_9529 copy  DVM_9572 copyDVM_9574_002 copy   DVM_9615 copyDVM_9621 copyDVM_9605 copy
And I am ending in the same tone.....same colors
DVM_9233 copy