Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daria,Fotografie de bebe,Cluj***Daria, Newborn Photography, Cluj

Welcome to the Big World Daria.....hope you will enjoy your journey on Earth :)....especially cause she was so anxious to come, she came 10 days before she was supposed to.....enough to "ruin" our photographic plans....I mean she was supposed to be born on 14th of October and I was supposed to take photos of her on her first week when she was still sleeping mostly..... and because I wasn't in the country when she was born I met her at her 13 day anniversary....when her personality was already build and was more challenging to take photos while she was sleeping.....But let's meet her..
 DVM_1343 copyDVM_1351 copyDVM_1345 copyDVM_1476 copyDVM_1504 copy   DVM_1333 copyDVM_1353 copyDVM_1346 copy DVM_1390 copyDVM_1369 copyDVM_1365 copyDVM_1338 copyDVM_1373 copyDVM_1464 copyDVM_1465 copy DVM_1480 copyDVM_1482 copyDVM_1508 copy