Monday, August 15, 2011

Hugo & Konsta – Kids photo sessions, Rovaniemi, Finland

I had a chance to meet a wonderful woman in Finland …. maybe I should call her superwoman cause I really was amazed of how she was living her life. She has a beautiful home in the middle of nowhere…..45 km away from civilization Smile  living there together with her husband and her 9 kids and 9 dogs…..and above all that she has hosted over 400 people from all over the world…. I really don’t know how she is doing all that….it is a “taina” for me ….actually this is her name TAINA….which means in my language “secret”…. a well kept secret….I was fascinated of seeing her life and meeting her….I am really glad I had this chance…..thanks again Taina for everything….for all your hospitality….and see you in Romania maybe one day.
With a special dedication here are Hugo & Konsta her 5 and 7 years old sons…..with whom I fell in love….miss them already.
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