Sunday, September 18, 2011

To be or not to be…..a photographer!

What makes you a photographer? The fact that you own a professional camera? The fact that you enjoy taking pictures? The fact that you have studied for years photography technics? The fact that you are uploading photos on internet? The fact that you have a photography blog? The fact you own a photography diploma? The fact that there are some who like your images? The fact that some who like your images so much that are willing to pay you for it? The fact that you like teaching photography? The fact that you may own a photography business? Or just the fact you put this label on yourself? But why labeling yourself? If you do so, you will loose your freedom of being whomever you want to be in any moment in time....if one day you don't feel like taking photos you feel like you are cheating on yourself, but actually you are cheating only on your label....

So who am I….you might ask?Am I a photographer? Maybe……NO.... Am I not a photographer? Maybe……..NO....I am just a free soul who expresses sometimes what she sees and feels through images......The only constant in my life is that nothing stays if you expect constancy from me you will be disappointed....if you accept me as I am....nothing will take you by surprise...your choice :) ….so welcome to my Journey Thru Life! Stay tuned Smile it will continue Smile