Monday, December 05, 2011

The game of life

What is life to you? How do you envision life? What is the purpose of life?

For me, Life it's just a game and Earth is the playground. It is my vision and I’m entitled to have one as you are entitled to have yours which could be 180 degrees different than mine.There is no other reason to be here than to have fun an enjoy the game. The thing is that we forgot it and start to take it too seriously....and loose the fun of being alive. But we have chosen our game and every day is a new opportunity to play long as we enjoy this's our choice how are we playing and how and when are we ending. I know that some could contradict me on this and tell me that people die without them wanting to. True , very true, but that’s just because they forgotten the unwritten rules of the game.

The challenges that come along are just the condiments for feeling more alive, we  love them even though we'd like them to be out of our life so much....but they are what makes the game more fun. So all we have to do is learn how to play it in a more relaxed, peaceful and fun way.No extra points are received for stress, actually I guess we loose some points.

In every period of life the game is changing, the background is changing, the surrounding is changing ...but what remains the same is the purpose of the and fun.

Every level of the game have it's good parts but also some tough parts, but in order to go to the next level you have to complete the current level.....but how do you do that in the shortest accumulating love while you play it, and than you'll have more energy when you are playing the next level.So you have to love each challenge, even though sounds impossible sometimes to do that.

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