Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rules of the game

In the last article I was defining my game, and now ….. I developed some rules for my game, and since this game that I call it my life, it belongs to me as I have received it as a gift on my birthday, I can have whatever rules I want and need, and if you find them useful to you, feel free to use them in your life,but if don’t, make some that fit you better!
  1. Define you current place and define your vision!
  2. Make a plan and develop a strategy for your vision!
  3. Take the risk and plunge into the unknown!
  4. Don’t give up when walls start to appear. They are there just to be broken and left behind! You grow stronger with every broken wall.
  5. Things are not always as they seem.Friends are not always friends and enemies are not always enemies!
  6. Keep going in the direction of your dreams even if the place where you arrived is pretty warm, it has to be hot!
  7. Don’t take the game too seriously, after all it’s just a game!
  8. If you fail,get up and start all over again! Time exists only in your mind.
  9. Don’t believe everything that you are thinking! Believe only in your vision!
  10. Enjoy the ride and have some fun while you are playing!
So just get in the train and start your life journey, that’s why you came here on Earth – to follow your heart and your dreams!
Photo-Dream-Give up