Monday, January 02, 2012

Worries or no worries ?

Have you ever realized that no matter what has happened in our outside world, we have one constant : we do worry too much about everything. Either we worry that we don' t have a job, health, money, family, friends....or if we do have them, we worry that we might loose them. So again have or don't have doesn't really matter that much, if we can't escape from getting worried.

If you look back what would you change in your life? I definitely know I would like the worry part to be changed. Have you ever worried about something and that never happened? Yes, it's true maybe someday will happen....but maybe 20 years passed already and you keep worrying about the same thing...

I try to imagine how my life would have been if I never worried about a supposed future. Life is happening while we worry about it. So we'd better start living it….without the worry part Smile We don't know what the future will be, but we can still live our present...all of us.

So Happy New Year, and hope you'll have a worriless 2012....a year that the whole world is worrying about for the last few years.

and something sweet today……and don’t worry about your diet!!! it has no calories …in the image, I took them out in Photoshop Be right back
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