Saturday, June 09, 2012

Agi & Laci – our story goes on…. *** povestea noastra continua….

DSC_5515 copyRo: Povestea lor a inceput deja………., si continua sa o scrie impreuna. Cu toate ca cununia civila a avut loc, si mai sunt doar cateva zile pana la nunta, ne-am intalnit pentru o sedinta foto relaxanta in natura. Naturali veseli si deschisi…..reteta ideala pentru o sedinta foto relaxanta….
En: Their story has already began…..and they continue to write it together. Even though the civil ceremony already took place, and only few days separate us from the wedding day, we have met for a photo session in the nature. Natural, joy, and openness ….the perfect condiments for a relaxed photo-session….
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