Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Agi & Macko – After the wedding *** Dupa nunta

DSC_9080 copy
Ro: Si daca tot avem rochia , si daca tot avem buchetul, si daca tot avem o cutie de ciocolata, si daca tot avem o zi cu mult soare….de ce sa nu facem o plimbare la Tarnita….si sa profitam de aceste clipe? Asa ca zis si facut, ne-am urcat in masina… am pornit la drum….o adevarata aventura de a ajunge pe stancile dorite, iar biata rochie… toate ca nu a fost in intentia noastra s-o distrugem …..a fost greu de definit ce culoare avea la finalul zilei…..dar macar vor ramane amintirle haioase….
Si pentru cei care nu i-ati vazut inca in rolurile anterioare, intrati AICI pentru pozele de la logodna, AICI pentru a o vedea pe micuta lor Ivett si AICI pentru a vedea pozele din ziua nuntii.

En: And if we did have the dress, and if we did have the bouquet, and if we did have chocolate, and if we did have a full free sun day….why not go to Tarnita….and take advantage of these moments? So… said and done, got in the car and left ….for the real adventure…of getting to the wished cliff….and the poor dress….even though we didn’t intend to really trash it….it was really hard at the end to define it’s color…..but at least they will have some fun memories…
And for those that haven’t seen them yet playing other roles, click HERE to see their engagement shoot, HERE to see their beautiful angel and HERE to the the images from the wedding day.
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