Friday, July 06, 2012

Tudor & Stefan - family photo shoot *** sedinta foto de familie

DSC_9964 copy_01
En: I just love this family…they do know how to be one…which is not that common these days….. isn’t something I see every day….so being able to see them again, see the kids growing up, makes my job a delight one. The kids are so different, have such a different personality, but this makes it even better.
Ro: Ador aceasta familie…..ei stiu cu adevarat cum sa fie una… nu este asa des intalnit acest aspect in zilele noastre….nu e ceva ce gasesti usor in orice zi….asa ca avand oportunitatea sa-i revad, sa vad copii crescand , imi transforma job-ul intr-o placere. Copiii sunt atat de diferiti, personalitatile lor difera asa de mult, dar exact asta face ca totul sa se asambleze si mai frumos.

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