Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alex & Dan & Paul

So this weekend I went in the heart of the mountains .... and beside walking in nature I had time for some photo sessions...and loved it. There was no time had the chance to take the photos whenever I wanted to,....not really.... actually when my "models" wanted to....and it was interesting . The downside of the story was that I had to shoot in full sun, I had no shadows....not even a tree where I was shooting....and the best part of this challenge was that I was in the situation of making lemonade from lemons...with my camera on manual all the time tried to discover all the possible solutions on these given terms....and it was worth it.
So here there are:
DVM_7583 copy
so let's start with Alex....cause he is older .
DVM_7359 copyDVM_7360 copyDVM_7765 copyDVM_7779 copy  DVM_7775 copy  DVM_7875 copyDVM_7644 copyDVM_7637 copy_01    
and resting after a good swim in the lake...
DVM_8299 copyDVM_8297 copyDVM_8286 copyDVM_8277 copy    
having some fun in the nature
DVM_7520 copyDVM_7521 copy 
and let's continue with Paul....Alex's brother...
DVM_7695 copy DVM_7662 copyDVM_7697 copy DVM_7699 copy 
and I guess I was done with the serious part...cause he is a born actor...
DVM_7686 copyDVM_7683 copy
he was making all his funny faces....
DVM_7674 copyDVM_7669 copy
DVM_7358 copyDVM_7342 copy  
and now spying to his brother....
DVM_7714 copyDVM_7716 copy
 DVM_7392 copyDVM_6917 copy