Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beauty all over...

I am continuing with the shots from the mountains......and this image is my favorite so far....she looks so sweet here..... in my vision, it's like she was posing for a paint.... so focused on her apple...she was a delight.
DVM_8077 copy
Driving and Dancing and Eating...perfect combination
DVM_6547 copy DVM_6538 copyDVM_6527 copy
feeding her little cat Figaro
DVM_6658 copy
 DVM_6898 copy DVM_8417 copy   DVM_8460 copyDVM_8461 copy DVM_6731 copy DVM_6728 copy DVM_6690 copy   DVM_7074 copyDVM_7976 copy
DVM_7792 copy