Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful Maria

Actually I don't think I need to describe her beauty, cause I'm sure you'll see that by yourself. When you meet her, you realize that her beauty comes only from inside,no artificial "adjustments" are need it;  and she is not just beautiful, she is also a very nice person, very natural, and we had a nice shooting time....I guess she will be a lot of times in front of a camera from now on....maybe now it was just the beginning of a new career :)
DVM_8725 copyDVM_8551 copy DVM_8562 copy DVM_8604 copy  DVM_8673 copy DVM_8726 copy DVM_8691 copy DVM_8687 copy  DVM_8757 copy DVM_8759 copy DVM_8565 copy DVM_8688 copy