Wednesday, November 17, 2010

La femme fatale :)

I told her while I was photographing her that this name came into my mind at one point and that I will use it as a title....she laughed...but I was serious...
Who thought that we will be able to shoot for almost 3 hours outside the middle of November and that it can be that warm...after her outfit you would have never guessed that it's November...maybe in December we'll shoot in bath suit :) and in August next year in the Ski outfit :)
But let's stop talking and enjoy our walk in the can join whenever you'd like to.
photo-dream_124 photo-dream_123photo-dream_100photo-dream_103
and The Business Woman :)
photo-dream_134photo-dream_106 photo-dream_105photo-dream_135 photo-dream_104photo-dream_108photo-dream_109photo-dream_119photo-dream_118    photo-dream_122  photo-dream_121photo-dream_125 photo-dream_132photo-dream_131photo-dream_133photo-dream_128
and the sweet taste of FREEDOM :)