Sunday, November 21, 2010

M & P

And to start with a little joke....I should call them MP3, why? Cause she is M, he is P...and they are 3....even though you can't say from this set of photos, maybe in the next set you will :)
DVM_3332 copyDVM_3482 copyDVM_3411 copy  DVM_3483 copyDVM_3441 copyDVM_3491 copyDVM_3330 copyDVM_3500 copyDVM_3329 copy         DVM_3336 copy DVM_3338 copyDVM_3388 copyDVM_3377 copy DVM_3367 copyDVM_3380 copy DVM_3510 copyDVM_3298 copyDVM_3616 copyDVM_3537 copyDVM_3519 copy
and to end up also in a fun note.....I'll use this show how strong their love is :)....and may it last forever!!!
DVM_3716 copy